Saturday, December 20, 2008

What Have We Done!!!

Zaoshang hao,

I'm inspired to speak out today regarding what had happened to our environment. Looking back over the past 10 year, each and every time my family went back to our home town, i saw a lot of greenery area outside. But sadly, nowadays it only a memory that i can't erase from my mind. The green area already shrunk and i can even count how many trees that available along that road.

We face the greatest challenge we’ve ever faced. Everyday newcomers are added to the endangered species list except... Human Being. Here we can see that, human being already won the title as "The Best Creature That Have A Long Life". But don't simply forget that this kind Mother Earth also have a level degree of patience. Landslide, earthquake, flood, drought, famine are the is 'Hello" statement from this earth to remind us that she's already old to stand for such destruction made by us. We must remember such devastation effect will appear soon if we still do what we do now or in other words we still recklessly grab everything from this earth without considering the needs of other creatures. Remember this earth can satisfy our need, but it can't satisfy our greed.

In ecological observation it is noted that great problems occur because of the imported species - the “exotics”- that are not indigenous to a bioregion and which often wipe out the native species.
This exoctics kind of thinking that have been set on some individuals already allowed us to think we are separate from eachother and from Mother Earth. The fact is we are all the same. God already appoint us as a Caliphate to administrate this earth since we have a very powerful mind. But we always misuse it for our interest and left behind other creatures interest. Letting go of this idea and the behaviors that accompany it,enacts a radical transformation that allows the innate underground knowing to re-emerge and revises the ways in which humans live as part of the Earth community.

What we should do now...? The best way to make the next generation regard this earth as a valuable creation is through education. Education can emphasize the commonality and interdependence of all life. We can learn that we can respect differences. We don’t need to be afraid of people who don’t look or think the same as we do. We can take the healing and stewardship of our planet as our mutual and noble calling. as well as we can learn true community and teamwork, cherishing the wisdom of tribal and religious cultures, sifting them to preserve the grains of wisdom that will sustain us in this time of planetary awakening, discarding irrelevant ideas.

People do have to change today, we are no longer allow to manipulate whatever available surround only for our sake of life. Oneness concept should be taken into consideration in whatever we so that everybody have the same opportunity to enjoy the gifts from this Mother Earth.

Environmental Quotes......
Only after the last tree has been cut down, Only after the last fish has been caught, Only after the last river has been poisoned, Only then you realize that the money cannot be eaten - Cree Indian Propercy-

Modern Technology Owes Ecology and Apology
-Alan M. Eddison-
We do not inherit the earth from our anchestor, We borrow it from our children
-Native American Proverb-

We forget the water cycle and life cycle are one
-Jacques Cousteau-


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