Wednesday, February 11, 2009



Today i would like to share some information with you regarding 'Deforestation". According to United Nations Confrence on Environment and Development (UNCED) on 1992, deforestation is defines as "land degradation in arid, semi-arid, and sub-humid areas resulting from various factors including climatic variations and human activites."

When we talk about the deforestation, we cannot separate this issue with biodiversity. Deforestation has create the imbalance to our unique biodiversity that we have in our country. Each and every region in this world has unique and distinctively biodiversity. Here we can define biodiversity as the "the wealth of life on Earth, the millions of plants, animals, and micro-organisms, the gens they contain and the intricate ecosystems they build into the living enviroment"(World Wildflife Fund).

Malaysians nowadays should change their way of thinking and the matter of deforestation should be put into their serious discussion instead of politic, fashion, lifestyle and etc. We had experienced so many events of death due to the natural disaster. Although it is regarded as natural disaster, we should examine and try to find the root of the problem to such disasters. And finally we will find the answer...human intervention to the biodiversity is one of the major causes of i would like to list down some major effects that will happen if deforestation is continually happen in Malaysia...

1) Dramatic Increase in Temperature

This happen when many trees has been cut down. Trees provide shade so that the shadded area will have a moderate temperature. When there are no trees available, the temperature will dramatically increase and these kind of effect we already experienced in Malaysia especially in the urban area.

2) Lost Of Moisture In Soil

Direct exposure form the sun to the soil will reduce the moisture since the soil get baked and the moist evaporate to the atmopshere due to lack of canopy leaves which can prevent such thing from happened.

3) Desertification

According to the record from United Nations Environmental Programmed (UNEP), between 1958 to 1975, Saharen Desert was expanded about 100km southward. Plus, UNEP also estimated that desertification will threathned 35% of world surface and 20% or world population. It will also affect Malaysia if we do not take any action from now.

4) Less Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen Exchange

Rainforest is important on carbon dioxide and nitrogen exchange process. Recent survey annouced that deforestation contribute about 10% in Greenhouse gas emissions and most of us know that Greenhouse gas is the gas that trap heat in the atmosphere. And of course when such heat being trapped it will end up with global warming effect due to progressively high temperature.

5) Lost of Green and Recreational Areas Of Land
Clean water and clean air are two rewards that forest can give to us. Rainforest clearing will result the in lackness of such thing. Plus, we will also lost a wide area of recreational place. This effect can create a major repercussions to the earth and all creature on it.


AmirFX said...

Skang nie mmg diorang cakap politik jer lebih tapi habuk tarak.... Aku setuju lah ngn ko... Bykkan lagi kesedaran ttg benda camnie..

WorldPeace said...

To AmirFX:
At last ade jugak yg concern dengan apa yg berlaku pada bumi ni...Thanks AmirFX for ur continous support...

Shitsurei shimashita said...

aku pun concern gak especially bila
kesejukan semulajadi hilang kerana kerakusan manusia.

p/s: cik fa tak membeku ke dalam bilik tu?

fitrahulinsan said...

hmm... very informative..

penah dengar tak ttg 'pencairan ais agung'?

WorldPeace said...

To SHITsurei:
Rakus?? Hehehe sungguh dalam makna perkataan iteww...

To Fitratulinsan:
Pernah...sometimes kite kene aware and save the best for future generation...

cik_ah82 said...

mau xmembeku, kalo ko letak air panas, 2 saat je dh jadik ais..;p

wah, very the heal the world sgt..
yang bulu binatang beruang kat depan keta ko tu apa?

WorldPeace said...

To Cik_ah:
Tu bulu orang laa....Lariksssss